My name is Gamini Chanderasana. I came across this particular Nadi Reading and leaves actually way back in 1979, while making a documentary in the local documentary channel. I was fascinated but then I could not afford the trip here. Again in 2001 this knowledge of Naadi prediction came to me, a friend of mine gave me a book about Naadi leaves and somehow another friend introduced me to Guruji A.Sivasamy.

Gamini Chanderasana, Malaysia

My first visit to this Nadi Centre was in 1987. At the time I was gone through General Nadi Prediction. Now I am a retired person. All things happened in good manner, in my life as per the Nadi Prediction given by this Nadi Centre. Now I came here to see the Nadi Prediction of my daughter. The prediction was give about her education, Job and promotion. Everything were gone well. Even after 21.03.2010 we have gone through 7thchapter(Marriage Chapter). Finally I want glad to say now she is in peaceful marriage life. Thanks for everything.

K.Ashokan, Madurai

My name is Nagamalleshwara Rao. I am married in 1994 May29th. I am very happy with what I had but without children my life looks very empty one. One of my uncle suggested to meet Guruji Sivasamy at Vaitheeswarankoil. We came here in Feb’2002, we heard General Prediction and did parihars in Tamil Nadu and few in Andhara Pradesh in July 2007. My wife gave birth to my Daughter DAEDEEPYA in 2010 again I visited Vaitheeswarankoil to thank all Gods as well as Guruji A Sivasamy too in fact we did it. Thank God.

A.Nagamalleswara Rao, Hyderabad

I am Shri Krishna Kakati of BELGAUM Karnatak State. It is my sincere appeal to one and all whoever comes to this place, got the Nadi Jyothis and importantly do the “Parihar” then only one will get 100% result, which I personally experienced. This is my humble request to one & all.

Shri Krishna Kakati of BELGAUM

Myself B.R. Shrivastav Heard about Shivanadi with Guruji A.Sivasamy first time on 15.08.2008. I have visited Vaitheeswarankoil meet and seen the thumb impression. I have got lot pieces through interaction with each and everybody involved in shelter of Shri A.Sivasamy Guruji specially. I have interact with manager of that office. He was very much cooperative and polite minded. He treated well. Whenever I am visiting here I felt with family feeling and peace.

B.R.Shrivastav, Arialur, Tamil Nadu

I am regularly visiting this Nadi centre for the past 15 Years and getting Guidance from Guruji A Sivasamy. Some of my friends also visited this Nadi Centre and reaped this benefit. I pray God that everyone must get this opportunity.

A.Sainath, Bangalore

I had visited Guruji A Sivasamy in the year 2003. I was surprised that when I heard about my family members through their voice, also prediction was good and particularly what they have predicted about my children education. That’s why I came here to go for further chapter on 21.12.2008.

Rajendran, Namakkal

I had visited 1998 Shiva Nadi at Vaitheeswaran Koil with Guruji A Sivasamy. I had experienced all those what they had said to me anmd again I had visited Guruji A Sivasamy’s office. It is true to say me that Shivasamy Deeksha Pooja is Good effect to me and I got all Good health, Wealth and politics.

T.Ramachandran, Gangavathi

This is Umesh , Anandhi & Umesh’s son I am greatful to Mr.Sivasamy, who accurately read the Nadi Joseum. Following his advice, within 6 months, his reading come true and I met my new wife Suhi. Suhi and I will most definitely visit Mr.Sivasamy whenever we come to India.

Umesh Sutendra, Canada

My husband and myself were introduced to Mr.Sivasamy by our brother Akbar. This was one of the most beautiful experiences in our lives which we will cherish forever. After reading the Nadi Joseum and doing the pariharam Mr.Sivasami said the results will be known within six months indeed his word came true & our son Umesh found his life partner. We are here again in 10 months visiting Mr.Sivasamy with Umesh Suhirtho and really enjoy the conversations. We would visit any opportunity. We get to meet Mr.Sivasamy as it is a great pleasure talking to him and Akbar.

Anandhi & Suren Sutendra, Canada

I have asking god Siva Nadi predictions from March 1985 up to till day. I have got all kandams predictions and Shiv Nadi very correctly and certainly in my prediction Lord Shiva told there are all about satisfactions all problems can avoidable by the way of doing pariharams.

M.Sanna Nagappa, Gangavathi

This is my first visit. Before I have not gone to any astrologer. In the beginning I could not believe the ‘Nadi’. But after interacting with the same time Nadi Reader. I started believing him. Whatever he said it was correct. I listened “Sukshma Nadi” I am very much happy after listening it. Later I met Guru Sivasamy for further clarification, I am 100% convinced. I would like to continue my relations with him forever.

Suresh Kondeti

This is my second visit. I visited first time in the year 1999. I listened my future in the year 1999. I listened my future. The swamy warned me about the Heart Attack which can be happened in the Year 2004. That has happened as he said. Whatever he said that was all happened. That time he asked me to go for Shanthi Kandam and perform parihara but I put deaf ear. I paid the penalty. This time he spent much of time with me. He gave many advices to me. I am very happy to interact with him every word or suggestion is just like nectar. I and my family need his blessing and support for the rest of our lives.

Keshav Ramprasad, Palakol, A.P.

I have come here from 1987 onwards about 40 times always finding it rewarding, helpful in chatting future plus and many times getting several surprising accuracies.

Dr.Aravind Babu, Gachi Kuda

I am from Malaysia. We have seen the Nadi Astrology for our two children. It was amazing that from the thumb print they were able to identify the name, parents name, date of birth, Rasi, Nakshatra, Parents profession. They had predicted many things of the children. Which is yet to be seen. Hopefully all goes well.

Subramanian, Malaysia

It is very exciting and thrilling. This is very useful for me because as I don’t know the exact timing and date of birth. It is also very useful for future pariharams. Thank you so much for the Rishis and veda parampara.

Renuka Devi, Visakapattinam

We came here out of curiosity to know about this. We had heard many praises about this school of knowledge and we are quite satisfied by the results. It all seems very amazing and interesting.

Praveen Dhār, Bangalore

I am Manjunath from Bangalore. We came to know about you from my friend from Bangalore. We friends came with 5 members. We got very good solution from you. We are very happy & We will come in future with my friends. Very Thanks.

K.S. Manjunath

I am glad to hear my present and future. So I got satisfied with the information given by you about my future Nadi Astrology Prediction.


I am glad to hear my present and future. So I got satisfied with the information given by you about my future Nadi Astrology Prediction.


The Nadi Prediction was given in this centre today was very good. I am liability to for this Nadi prediction. I will you all the best………

K.Sathish Kumar

Today I have gone through my Nadi Prediction in your centre. It was excellent. The prediction of my future is fully satisfied. I will be thankful to you at all times.


I am completely satisfied when I got my Nadi Astrology from this centre. I felt surprise when I got the details about my family members. I am having confidence that My future will be bright and prosperous.

M.Meenakshi Sundaram

It’s quite wonderful experience for me. I have any idea about this centre before I come here. Now I got some idea about my future. Thanks for that. May be I will visit again. One more thing the Nadi Astrology explained me clearly and crisply.


This is my second visit, your people all very co-operative. I am going to come once again to clear my Dhoshas.


Great experience ..! I had got one already in 2003 and all seems to be coming true. So I visited again to gain further insights.


It was good experience. People responded very quickly and gave good feedbacks.


Nadi astrology matches with the life instances and it was very well explained and professionally handled. We are interested to revisit


I felt it interesting to know our future and at the same time, we can avoid some uncomfortable circumstances.

Venkatesh Reddy

The experience was satisfactory. It was amazing to find my details in the leaflets.

Swati Jena

It has been a great wonderful experience for me. Now I have better clarity of my life, about what to do to benefit myself and what to avoid. I will definitely recommend my friends to visit guruji atleast once in a lifetime.

Naveen krishnan